Minibus Hire


Regardless you live in London or you are planning to arrive you need a vehicle for transportation. It is always better to rent a vehicle than weight for a taxi or a bus at bus stop. Have a vehicle in your arrangement and feel free to move wherever you want and when you want.
Mainly for larger groups the best option is a minibus hire service.
Minibus rental process is very easy and fast one. You only have to find the best offer for you. There are many companies offering vehicle rental services in London. Some of them cover the whole country, some of them the whole European continent. But all of them have different rental terms. So, how to find a perfect vehicle rental service that will absolutely cover all your needs?
First of all let’s look at some main points that are the most important while looking for a minibus rental.

Why to hire a minibus?

The first and important case for minibus hire is plenty of space for passengers and baggage. For this reason, it is an ideal choice for families and large group tours


You can look for minibus rental services if you have to organize a group tour. It can be a class, an office staff excursion, a tour through London, UK or even Europe.


There is no need to care about leaving the country with the rented vehicle as we at Discount Vehicle Hire offer minibus hire services also for European tours.  


So, let’s discuss what are the most important conditions that a minibus hire company should offer to make you sure to order a vehicle there.
Minibus hire London companies in London generally offer services in array of 9-17 seater vehicles. Have a look at some of them.
9 seater to 17 seater minibus hire service are suitable for group tours for short and long trip excursions both in UK in Europe, for big companies staff transportation, for family trips. In any case when you need to hire a minibus for group trips, be sure that Discount Vehicle Hire company offers the best order matching all your needs.
The 9 seater minibus hire option is the smallest one available at Discount Vehicle Hire. There are also 12 seater minibus hire and 15 seater minibus hire or the options. The last one includes 15 passengers seaters and 7 baggage. So, while choosing a minibus be sure how many passengers exactly you will have and amount of luggage they will carry with them.

Cheap Minibus Hire Service

It is not difficult to find a low price minibus hire service in London. But it is difficult to find one that suits all requirements. One of the main advantages of DVH service is time and money serving option. You can get the vehicle you need in some minutes and order it. We give a 20% discount for online reservation. But that is not the whole offer for money serving. We have not defined a mileage limit. That means that your trip can last as much as you want and you need. You don’t have to waste your money or save them counting and limiting your move while your trip.

Time Saving Option

Affordable price is not the only saving option that Discount Vehicle Hire company offers. We have developed a reservation system that not only saves your money but also saves your time which does not concede money with its importance and value.
First of all you can order minibus hire in London online visiting our website and choosing the vehicle that best suits your requirements. Just find the one you are looking for and order it online. It will take you only some minutes. We have already mentioned about 20% discount while online registration.
The next important service that saves your time is airport meet and greet service. While traveling you can order a vehicle online and get it at airport when returning. Notice, that delivery service is free at DVH and you do not have to care about pickup and drop off of the vehicle.
What is very important? The webpage allows to get any information you need about minibus rental online. You are free to ask questions and get answers very operative.
Therefore, Discount Vehicle Service has taken under consideration all important facts to save your time and decrease time wasting to hire a minibus.
You don’t even have to lose time comparing offers of different vehicle rental services as we ensure that the terms of Discount Vehicle Hire offers are the best among minibus hire services in London.

How to Book a 9, 12, 15, 17 Seater Mini bus?

Perhaps these are the most needed and comfortable minibus models that can let you have a safe and comfort trip wherever you are going and whether you are going to have a short or a long term trip.
Discount Vehicle Hire has developed a very simple and easy process for minibus hire London service. For example for 9 seater minibus hire service you only have to look up DVH offers matching your needs at website, set up parameters including minibus rental duration and then you will get some offers with price list. Then you are free to choose the model you prefer, compare their advantages and disadvantages and choose one of them perfect for you. Then you will get date when you can pick up the vehicle and will receive a confirmation about your minibus reservation. Especially it is done by SMS.
Thanks to free delivery service you will get the car wherever is comfortable for you. Our kind and always ready staff will deliver the vehicle right to you saving your time and money. Then it is your disposal and you are free to drive wherever you want in London, UK and Europe and how long you want. There is not any mileage limit on our vehicles. Get rid of tension that you may have a long drive and cause a huge hole in your budget.
So, you only have to fill the online form. Discount vehicle hire company’s staff will care for further process and you will get the vehicle you have ordered in time and at right place that is comfortable for you.

Booking Duration

As far as Discount Vehicle Hire offers minibus hire not only in UK but also in European continent we have set large reserving duration. Notice that minimum booking at DVH is 1 day and maximum reservation period is 28 days. But that does not mean that you can not order a minibus hire in London for a longer period. Just contact our staff who is always ready and happy to answer all questions you have and solve all problem that may rise during vehicle rental time. All that question may get answer in some minutes as our team is available online for the whole day and 7 days a week.

Have Fun with Friends

Have a crazy friendly group that likes travelling? Discount vehicle hire has a perfect offer just for you: order one of our 9, 12, 15, 17 seater minibus hire services and get a clean, large and comfortable vehicle to have a safe and happy trip with your friends not only in UK but also through the whole Europe. Visit European countries, oldest towns and enjoy crazy tour with your friends. For an average group a 12 seater minibus hire is perfect. You will have enough space to have comfortable trip and fit the luggage you carry.

Our minibus hire offers are comfortable also for big tour companies, class excursions, companies’ staff transportations.

If the Mini Bus Hire is not Chosen Right

If your expectations are not justified with the vehicle delivered to you or you have missed some important details and see that the vehicle delivered to you doesn’t meet your expectations you had while booking you may change the vehicle at pick up. Our friendly staff will try to find an alternative option for you that best suits your needs. Be sure that our perfectly prepared team will find an ideal one for you.

We Care about Our Clients’ Satisfaction

The first and foremost in minibus hire service the clients’ satisfaction is the most important part for Discount Vehicle Service. We offer a wide range of minibus hire service. For all occasions, you may need a vehicle you can find in Discount Vehicle Hire offer.
DVH service offers the latest cars and will not offer an old one and worn out car. Be sure that all cars will be clean and you will be satisfied with the vehicle you get. Nevertheless, who were the previous users a class of kids or adults.
Plus the preparedness of our friendly staff and you will get perfect service from Discount Vehicle Hire. We appreciate the loyalty of your consumers and have prepared good offers for those who are repeat customers. Be sure to find only the best offers of cheap minibus hire service with the best conditions. Just take some minutes and look up the best offer for you on our website.

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